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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Silent Library, Oh what a good game!

This game is one of my FAVORITES! It's not for the meek or timid, it's for those willing to be bold and throw their ambitions into the wind. It's truth or dare meet Russian roulette. And if you can find 6- 8 people to sit down and sack up you could have yourself a blast.

Here are the general rules(feel free to spice them up):

-Sit down and brainstorm a list of ideas, these ideas can be anything from running around the block naked to snorting salt. Here's a list of ideas that we used but feel free to come up with your own depending on your level of craziness.

-snort salt
- 3 shots of hot sauce
-Shot of toilet water
-5 shots to the RUMP with an airsoft gun
-Ride in trunk of car for a mile
- hit golf ball into downtown
- call an ex girlfriend/boyfriend and tell them you love him/her
- Text "SEX..." to a girl/guy in phone

The list can go on......
-Make a list of dares and write them down in any order.
-Get a stack of straws and cut one down to be the odd ball out. (you could use anything that would make the drawing random. A deck of cards, marked paper, and etc...)
-Have each person select a straw, and the short straw must do the dare or pay the penalty.
We had a penalty of 5 dollars if they didn't want to do the dare. NOT MANY PAID THAT PENALTY.
This game gives you chills, shakes, laughs, cries and everything you can imagine. Try it out and spice it up if need be!
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